• I hate to do this, you leave no choice can't live without her love me or hate me we will be boys standing at that altar, or we will runaway to another galaxy you know, you know she's in love with me she will go anywhere I go
  • Just tell me what I have to do to keep myself apart from you all your colors start to burn i know i wanted far too much then i thought that wouldn't be enough all this talk is closing you, take shelter
  • sweet love of mine i miss you and every time i think of you i start to cry and then it's f you because you, you left me with these tears baby and gave me all these fears baby I don't know how I'll live baby 'cause I miss you, I miss you
  • Baby it's killing me 'cause I can't have you give up all that I have just to hold you what happened before? i gotta know, where did you go?
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